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Welcome to the Photo Album for the EQUAL Parenting Bike Trek! New photos will be updated on a daily basis once the 700 mile bike trek starts on August 11th, 2007 from Lansing, MI. The photo album is dedicated to all children who are denied the love, guidance, education and nurturing of one of their fit and willing parents! It is for you that we fight everyday! Our cause is just and has the morale high ground. We pray to end your suffering someday soon! In loving memory of: 1) Chester Merda Sr. 2) Richmond Elihu Smith

Lansing Departure
Robb with Mom and Daughter!
Best parent is both parents!
Lansing Capitol
With parents!
Early am send off!  Thanks to all who woke up so early.  Some drove hours to attend!
Lansing Departure
Priceless Brenda Clack sign
Chelsea Michigan
Quick stop in Chelsea Michigan
Jim Semerad embraces Angela Pedersen from the meda/supply van.
Adrain Rally
Adrian Michigan Stop
Welcoming Crew in Adrian MI for the Equal Parenting Bike Trek
Robb at Ohio Line
Robb ready to tackle Ohio
Pedersen Ohio Line
Stop at a produce stand in Ohio before concluding the day.
A stop for the guys for a little boost of honey!
Getting back to the road after produce stop.
Configuring this morning's route can be a little trying!!
700 miles!  WOW!
Flagging cyclists down for a route change
Keeping our pace in the race to D.C.
Robb MacKenzie and Robert Pedersen moving a steady 20 mph in Ohio!
Steady pace
700 plus miles all in the name of children's rights
Hanging with another cyclist for roughly 5 miles
Robert Pedersen and Robb MacKenzie drafting behind another cyclist
Drafting with an additional cyclist - We were flying fast!!
What an awesome picture!
Pedersen on a mission
Pedersen with a light rain in his face
Pulling Ahead
Welcoming our cyclists to their next checkpoint!
Pedersen right before heat stroke set in!
Wow that Registered Nurse sure has an awesome smile!
Pedersen trying Robb's trick for energy - pure honey
Quite sad.  An exotic animal farm we came across while pedaling to D.C.
Energized by eating green peppers the Chase Vehicle Crew flags the cyclists down for hydration!
Perhaps a new sponsor?
Thank you CRISPE and Second Thought TV
Plan of Action
Cooling off in one section of the massive CRISPE bus!  Thanks Larry!!
Thousands were exposed to the powerful message of the CRISPE bus!
The CRISPE bus brings energy back to Robert and Robb!
On Second Thought TV filming the Equal Parenting Bike Trek and CRISPE bus
Carol Rhodes and Robert Pedersen - A moment of pause
The CRISPE was incredible inside and out!
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