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Welcome to the Photo Album for the EQUAL Parenting Bike Trek! New photos will be updated on a daily basis once the 700 mile bike trek starts on August 11th, 2007 from Lansing, MI. The photo album is dedicated to all children who are denied the love, guidance, education and nurturing of one of their fit and willing parents! It is for you that we fight everyday! Our cause is just and has the morale high ground. We pray to end your suffering someday soon! In loving memory of: 1) Chester Merda Sr. 2) Richmond Elihu Smith

A Moment Frozen In Time Forever - The Equal Parenting Bike Trek Team Final Picture 2007
Robb MacKenzie 2006 Equal Parenting Bike Trek
Lansing Capitol Departure
Lansing Capitol Departure
Lansing Capitol Departure
Picture in Front of Lansing Capitol
Front of Lansing Capitol
Pedersen and MacKenzie off in the distance
Freedom and Equality
Rounding the Corner for Adrian Welcome
A brief stop in Adrian Michigan
Adrian Police Escort for Robert and Robb.  Thank you Adrian Police Dept for being so kind.
Adrian Stop
Welcoming Crew in Adrian
Adrian Michigan Stop
Robert Pedersen willing to arrive in D.C. by any means necessary!
Equal Parenting Bike Trek Cyclist Robert Pedersen and author Carol Rhodes
A Child's Right:  Equal time with both fit and willing parents after a divorce!!
Equal Parenting Bike Trek Cyclist covered by Battle Creek Enquirer
Equal Parenting Bike Trek Postcard Promo
Michigan Children ripped away from 1/2 of their family tree!
Family Preservation Rally August 18th 2007
Robert Pedersen Fox News Channel 17 TV Interview
Richmond Elihu Smith
Robb MacKenzie last year after his arrival to D.C.
Laurel Hill Summit
The type of climb which will make our legs feel like Jello
Robert Pedersen and Patriot Pat McElligott
Best Life Magazine Hero Dad Contest - Robert Pedersen Runner-Up Winner
Equal Parenting Bike Trek Cyclist being interviewed by the TV News!
A Child's Right - Equal time with both fit and willing parents!
Numerous ads were run in various newspapers!
6 days a month is child abuse!
Equal Parenting Bike Trek
Shocking Documentary Movie:  Support?  System Down
Poll after poll shows the public demands Shared Parenting!
A Child's Right Executive Director Darrick Scott-Farnsworth
Robert Pedersen and Larry Holland
Equal Parenting Bike Trek Media/Supply Van
Murray Davis of NAFJ was one of the first supporters present in Lansing on August 11th
Early Lansing Arrival for the start of the 700 mile Equal Parenting Bike Trek
Paul Pedersen discussing upcoming 700 mile bicycle trek with Robb MacKenzie
Lansing Departure Prep
6:30 am Lansing MI departure preparation
Robert Pedersen, Carol Rhodes and Angela Pedersen Lansing Departure
Discussing upcoming route
Lansing Departure
Pedersen and Smith - Lansing Departure!
Murray Davis of NFJA, Robb MacKenzie and Angela Pedersen