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Lynn Raynor

I also work for the commission of human rights from out of ca state and my daughter was killed in a power plant and was a federal witness for federal court when they took her .
we also need to look at the different state registers . if ones name is on it by false lies and put on for no reason . Ones name on this list will block you from getting jobs and needs to be abolished this registery list.Thanks Lynn Raynor.
a registery list can be very crule.

Jeff Dick

Great to see you in Pittsburgh, looking forward to meeting up again in D.C.

Kevin Graven

Sorry we missed you two in Akron, yet we thoroughly enjoyed meeting the professional and dedicated members on the CRISPE bus as they rolled into town.
We are all behind you and support you completely. Until the biased/unlawful court system recognize a Father's right to have EQUAL TIME with their children after a Divorce, I for one will never give up for my daughter and will continue to fight the Lorain County Domestic Court of Injustice here in Ohio!
God bless and be advised we are all behind you!

Bill G

Good seeing you in McConnellsburg, hope you enjoyed your pit stop here at Thomas Chevrolet, good luck in D.C.!

David Hyatt

Hats off and a huge thank you to the cyclists for their dedication to bringing attention to our cause. Best of luck to you both and be safe!

Judith Faye

I was in Lansing to see you off. I am so proud of you for erything you are putting into this. I wish you all the best and thank you so much. We all owe you! Judith Faye

Kelly Cool

You guys amaze me!! Keep up the great biking and bring up the level of awareness. This is an issue that not only parents are working for, but the children who miss seeing them are hoping for.
Bless you and keep pedaling!

Susan Fretwell

You are doing us non-custodial parents a tremendous service! Look forward to seeing you all at the DC Rally Sat. Keep up the good work!


gr8 work guys... we in England salute you


Good luck with the bike ride! As an amateur competitive cyclist, I know just what you guys are going through, and I know what hard work it is!

Keep hydrated, keep fueled with carbs, and rest when you need to!


This certainly helps bring attention to the flaws our system has in place regarding family rights.

Thank you from PA.

Jim Semerad

Great job everyone. See you in DC. Daily reports are going out to organizations and media around the country.

robert becker

children need both parents give'em hell guy's see you in d.c.

Christian J.

Great to see men standing up for their fundamental rights in this feminised male-hating world.

Christopher Tock

Hey guys, You're trip is about deep down feelings and I applaud your willingness to expose the system. With each mile you cover, you bring the United States a message.

I wish I was there with you, I'd enjoy each pedal. Maybe someday I'll get that chance.

From the Tocks in Hilliard Ohio
God's Blessings to you all
Christopher Tock
State of Ohio Representative for DADS

Father of two wonderful Children
Nichole and Corey

Phillip Wurm

Let's not forget the support crew. Great work! Special thanks to Angela, Carol and Dan. Keep the guys hydrated and fed, and see what more they can do!!

Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

You are doing a wonderful thing, people need to know that 6 days a month is child abuse and that the court is not worried about what is best for the child but what is best for the court. When enough people get sick of being denied their fundamental rights then maybe the people will take back our country from the lawyers and politicians.



Good luck with the rally..outstanding effort and commitment. Great to see you guys reached DC safely...thanks Angela for keeping us posted.


Elaine and Paul Pedersen and Grandma Kirch

We are so relieved that everyone has arrived. The group effort along the way is so moving. This hopefully brought the issue of equal parenting to the attention of many more people. We are proud of everyone and hope the Robs know they have made a difference. We know the rally also will bring more wonderful people together to voice their support. Children need both parents-- it is their right.

Jeff Cefalo

Dear Robb,Robert

Thank you for setting such a wonderful example.
I admire Robb and Roberts stamina.

This is a significant accomplishment that undoubtedly required the dedication of Robb and Robert and the cooperation of the whole team.
Both of Your actions are a reflection of the courage and unselfishness that we have come to recognize.
You Both have exceeded all expectations and have given an immeasurable boost to a worthy cause .
All this performed in Both Robb and Roberts usual considerate way.
This is a superb illustration of how much goes into meticulous attention to detail and sacrifices
Not only did You Both perform this amazing Bike Trek, hundreds of families will all reap great benefits from it Because of Your efforts.
The Bike Trek will become second to none ,which will have, if it does not already have a spectacular result due to Both of your efforts.
Robb and Robert have truly went beyond the call of duty,for " going the extra miles."

I would like to extend my congratulations to you Both.
Thanks for your support and dedication,to All Families


Jeff Cefalo

Robert Littlejohn

Indeed you have come a long way for the sake of the preservation of children and families. The Illinois DCFS alleged me of something that they had no evidence to back it up with. I was forced to leave them in 1994 and move to West Tennessee for 12 years. While there, my ex remarried and she and her husband and my kids moved to Paducah, KY and cut off all communications between the children and me.

What ensued in the coming months was something I was unaware of until February 2000. It was then I learned that the Kentucky Department of Community Based Services had taken the children into foster care. Because I could not show that I was not a threat to my children, they terminated my rights along with those of my ex in late 2001. Two years later, the foster parents - who said at the TPR trial that they had no desire to adopt them - suddenly adopted them; and who do they allow contact privileges to? My ex and my younger sister, but not me - the one to whom the damage was done.

I pray for the success of the DC Rally. Please also pray that God will stir up within the hearts of my children to return home to me. Diane is now 19, but the adoptive parents have whisked her away to a live-in program, and Charlie is 17 and has started his Senior year of high school. I have missed many milestones of my children - not because I wanted to, but rather because I was prevented from doing so.

All this for the protection of two minor children who have been told that their own father is a danger to them? If there has been no physical evidence supporting this allegation, I THINK NOT!

God has granted you His traveling grace to arrive in DC for the rally. May God now bless this rally on this day, August 18, 2007.

Bill Koelner

i was serious as a heart attack when i was talking to one of you guys at the rally in DC, (i think it was Robert) "i want to ride with you guys next year".
i cant express myself any more than this letter, but, yes i want to ride with you guys next year,
who can i get in touch with or they get in touch with me. i wanted to give someone down there my personal contacts but all i got was a pen saying how to reach your people. well i hope this is the right way. And by the way, thank you for your accomplishment, it is well deserved.

George Mason

Fantastic work. Justice is coming!

Tammi Farr

Thank You so much for all of that you guys have done for the children, fathers and mothers of this country.

I am so sorry that I was not able to be at the finish line when you all arrived in DC. However, I was there in spirit.

But, the work is still not finished as of yet. So, take a good breather and see ya next time!


Tim LaCourse

Gentleman! Great job and God bless!

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