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September 08, 2008


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Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

Time Slot Speaker
11:00:00 AM State Rep Jones
11:15:00 AM State Rep Dean
11:30:00 AM State Rep De Roche
11:45:00 AM Chrissy Chrzanowski Split-n-Two
12:00:00 PM State Rep Hoogendyk
12:15:00 PM State Rep Candidate David Irons
12:30:00 PM Drew Thompson of Dads and Moms of MI
12:45:00 PM State Rep Polidori
01:00:00 PM David Taylor Oakland County FOCAC
01:15:00 PM State Rep Candidate Scott Hudson
01:30:00 PM County Comm Candidate Robert Kerr
01:45:00 PM Lary Holland Get Off the Bench

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