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August 28, 2007


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Minister Ronald Smith

It is your guts and honesty that has been the catalyst for the activist in the State of Michigan to stand up and perform....Without you, we are a bunch of individuals rolling down separate paths. I am so proud to know you and I feel that we have developed somewhat of a machine in this state and we are in the process of fine tuning it.

Many have attempted to rally in DC before with anemic results at best. When we here in Michigan began to come together, we have attracted people from across the country. Please read the following from someone in Canada who attended and remember, your book, the bike trek and the rally started right here in Michigan.

God Bless
Minister Ron Smith
Please read the following!!!!

One of our Executives suddenly decided to vacation south of the 49th parallel, and both discretely and covertly dropped in on your Washington DC Rally. Afterwards, and for a whole week, he entertained and astounded our Executive with tales and stories, from those on the podium, who exposed the nefarious and sometimes even criminal activities of the Child Protection System, from within the; Family Courts, Child Protection Agencies, Adoption Services, etc. and so on. In this week long meeting, he told us of how many, within our own Child Protection System both mirrored and mimicked their counterparts in the United States. We can only hope and pray the Media and the public in general pick up on this vastly successful and obviously wonderful Rally. Our thoughts and prayers go with you, as we have become stronger from our exposure to your Rally's influence and education.

Many of his notes, videos, and photos will be used by us to further our goals in exposing the both notorious and criminal acts of our own Child Protection System, and all those who conduct their activities with alterior agendae and motives. Your Rally has added fuel to our fire, and brought about radical new perspectives from which to reorganize our efforts and draw new strengths.

Further, we have begun gathering as many U-Tube videos as we could possibly muster, to add voices and names to our cause and further exposure those within our own Child Protection System that are both mirroring and mimicking the notorious and even criminal activities of their counterparts in the United States of America.

Your Washington DC Rally has been both an inspiration and a GOD send for us, in our efforts to document and further expose the dastardly deeds of Child Protection Agents within our Country, here in Canada. But the highlight of the entire event, for the most part, remains in the civil and proud conduct of those at the Rally, who voiced their decent, but did not act in any violent or belligerent manner, but with respect to your People, your System and your Nation. The Rally was a proud success and a momentous footnote in our western world's history. Long will be remembered the day that people stood up to expose the nefarious adgenda of the Child Protection System, in an attempt to bring about positive changes to the world of today.

Thank GOD, in JESUS for your efforts..!

From one and all,
The Executive and Membership
THE COMMITTEE ( People - 4 - People )

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