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August 18, 2007


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Dave Cary

As frightening as this is, this is all true. This will be important in the 2008 election. The winning politicians will pick up on this.

Dave Cary

This is all true and in America. Successful politicians for 2008 are picking up on this.

Alex Publius

I personally know a former caseworker who worked for Child Protective Services. He was fired on after he went against his superiors and recommended children be returned to their parents rather than remain in foster homes. The degree to which the FOC and CPS has been corrupted as a result of the incentives created by Title IV-D and Title IV-E federal funding is shocking.

Christopher Fowler

Wish we could get her to come talk to our Governor here in the soviet republic of Florida.

mike beach

very, very gratifing to hear someone from the "inside" talk about what we know to be true - and dislike it as much as we do.

New Jersey Is Ripe With This Corruption

New Jersey Is Ripe With This Corruption...


Its 10:32 pm in Columbus Georgia and My former wife or wife has informed me that she is taking my sons to maryland. She is stationed At Fort Campbell. She is a military soldier. This after not seeing or speaking to my two sons in a year. Child protective services is inolved and fabricated testimony and false allegations that cannot be proven are at the root of my dilemma . I have been fighting the courts on my own and have had my share of abuse by judges lawyers who ae all corrupt. If there were a serious case of parental alienation this would be it. She has been getting her way for the longest and taken adavantage of the fact that I do not have money. I'am disgusted and hurt now my sons are 800+ miles away and before it was 400.

Helen M. Nowacki

I am a voter in the City of Warren and I see far to many things that pretain to Children and it is so sad to see how they are treated not only in the family situation, but by the courts also...If these little ones could pick their parents before they are born I wonder if they would be happier then...God please safe the children, they are the tomorrow!!!!


There are a ton of issues with regards to custody, child support and false harassment/abuse charges. I pay thousands of dollars every month to my ex and she decided to move back in with her parents while cutting her work week down to 2 days a week. Meanwhile, she just got a 10K boob job.

When I was in the custody battle, their lawyer had her file a harassment charge for following her. When I produced documents showing that I was at home on the phone at that specific time, the judge in Warren County, NJ stated that I probably harassed her another time. I knew I would lose as soon as he said that. Unfortunately, family court is a circus and it seems like it isnt bound be law....just some judge who makes up stuff as he goes along.


My husband was ordered to pay throught the Oakland county Friend of the court. His daughter is 20 was married 3 years ago and has a GED. Last month we got a paper from them stating our case would close in 60 unless the childs mother gave them reason to keep it open. They also said she had a year to reopen it. I called them to make sense of it. One women hung up on me the next one was very rude and said she could not talk to me. I wrote them and the woman called my husband and said we had over paid and it was open because they never sent us a check. My husband told them they did. It took them 7 months to sent it after his daughter was married. They sent us a print out. The print out was only for 3 years and he had paid since 1994. I searched the check reciept they had sent in 2006 and found it was a lot less than they said was owed to us. He is faxing the woman from foc today with proof and demanding the money owed to us and that case be closed now. I found out about the book last night. If they dont do what is right what can we do next?
In 1994 my husband was hauled into court by the foc when he lived in GA. He had been sending his exwife cash and had proof. He paid what they said he owed. Supposibly he was current. We married in 1995. The friend of the court took our tax refund. My husband contacted them about it and they told him his receipts were no good. His exwife lived in MI and he had no contact with his daughter. The Friend of the court told him they were not allowed to tell him where she lived. For 4 years he had no contact with her. It was heartbreaking. Somehow My mother in law got her phone number and address from a friend of his ex wife. We sent her a post card. We have a good relationship with our daughter now,no thanks to foc.
I could go on and on.

Helaina Gibson

April 22, 2009

To whom it may concern,

I am a veteran who was married for 4 years to a man that mentally abused me and only saw our daughter when it was convenient for him. My days and nights were spent alone, taking care of our home and our daughter. When I couldn’t take the abuse anymore I decided that it was time for a change. My husband wasn’t willing to work on our marriage so with the last pay check to pay our bills he went to live with his parents and left me with no job to fend for myself and our daughter. Anytime I asked for help he refused. It took me awhile but in time I found a job in Michigan’s poor economy and I managed to find a place that I could afford and moved with our daughter. I had no family and the few friends I had could only do so much. He was born and raised in the little town of Adrian Michigan just like his family. They have ties with the community and his brother in-law is in law enforcement. The attorney I hired was always against me. She gave up my
parental rights without my permission and when I asked for mediation with my husband she refused. I had received a job offer in my home state of California which would take care of me and my daughter. I was making less than a thousand a month with no benefits in Michigan. With my husband doing everything to make my life hard I made a decision to take the job and move back home where my support of my friends and family and a new job would help me give the best life possible for my daughter. Unfortunately things don’t happen that easily. My attorney conveyed to me that the judge was not in favor of the move. To later find out from my second attorney that what the judge really said was that if I left I would lose my daughter completely. Maybe that’s why she gave up my parental rights. My daughter at the time was three in a half and is now turning five in September. My day in court consisted with me losing everything. I was told that if I stood up
for myself in front of the judge then I would lose my daughter completely. So I settled with what they offered because I was going to appeal. I’m only allowed to see my daughter four months out of the year. I have to buy all the plane tickets and still pay child support when I have her. When it came time to appeal my lawyer told me it was too expensive and he wouldn’t do it. My ex-husband lost our house and filed bankruptcy which in turn has forced me into bankruptcy. My credit was almost a 700 score when I left him and its nothing now. The FOC was charging me $430 dollars a month in child support even though I was working part time making $8 dollars an hour. Because of all this I had a mental breakdown. How was I suppose to support myself and afford $2000 dollars every four months in plane tickets to see my daughter. So I turned to the adult industry to get the money I needed to buy my tickets and pay my rent for a few months. I recently have
found another job but my wages are still low. I’ve become homeless and still cant pay my support order of $507 dollars. I haven’t seen my daughter in over five months because of lack of money and her father refuses any alternatives so we can be together. Talking to her on the phone is even a battle with him. He manipulated me and controlled me when we were married and he continues it with the court system. My daughter is a pawn in his game. If you knew me and my daughter before all this you would see that we were best friends. She was my little side kick, always with me. We did everything together. We were inseparable . She barley knew her father. I am in school now trying once again to make my life better and I have hopes to start my own business. These were things denied to me when I was married. I am a woman who lost her one and only true love and without her I feel incomplete. I never left my child she was taken away from me. A perfect house
wife and a wonderful mother. I’m asking for help to get my Kaylee back and to put a stop to the court system that uses children for there own personal gain. This is just a small part to my story but I ask, can you tell me, “What’s in the best interest of the child“?


Helaina Gibson

Please I would love to get in touch with Carol. Everything she talks about I am going through with the courts and FOC of Adrian Michigan. She could be my only hope.

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