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Robert G. Lasheff

There is a great deal behind This wonderful effort,years of pain, grief and Sorrow are within each and every sweep of the peddle. Gods Speed

Jon M. Hamilton

For so many, myself included, this is a positive step (peddle) in the right direction. It's painfully difficult for fathers in today's society, to be viewed and accepted as an equal parent.Custodial parents have made this an us vs. them issue-where the real concern is the support they recieve.Children deserve our support, families deserve our support & so does this cause.

Jacqueline Stellone

This issue is so important to our children and their children. It effects not only their right and ability to see their non-custodial parent but the extended family. This is the only way to stop the terrible epidemic of parental alienation occuring today. The courts turn their back to this issue and the children pay the price. Removing the ability of one parent to use the child/children as a weapon in custody battles will be a HUGE step forward in protecting our children from the suffering they experience from being separated from a parent they love.

joe jurecki

I hope the rest of the ride is a bit smoother. I will be looking forward to working with you in the near future


Have fun, guys!

joe jurecki

Just was checking in to see how the trip was going. and to wish you well.

Robert Gipson

GOD Bless your families and your efforts. United we stand against the evilness that invades our government. I pray that your journey Unites America and the world to see how our innocent children suffer at the hands of Un-ethical law practise and politics.




Equal Parenting Party Director

Let us coordinate and exchange ideas and information. Please add our URL to your links and we will do the same.

We look forward to speaking with you at the next "talkshoe" internet meeting.

Peter O.

Equal Parenting Party Director

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